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Do you need a care professional at short notice?

FLEXXI for companies in medicine and care

We support you right from the start

Sudden needs in nursing and medicine usually arise when you least expect them, mostly due to illness and during the vacation season.

The access to a pool of self-employed care professionals also enables you to bridge staffing shortages of any kind today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and to fulfill your obligations to patients and your service contracts - with just a few clicks:

With the FLEXXI app and the FLEXXI web version, you access immediately available, highly qualified personnel on a self-employed basis. No social security, no registration, no contracts. You simply determine what you are willing to pay.

Special case Discharge Management

As a discharge- or care manager in charge of patient release, help your patient transition back to normal life, even if a care company is not needed long-term or an available long-term care solution has not yet been found.

Patients can be home again, and you free up the bed for the next urgent case. Families will also thank you.

We support you from the beginning!

With FLEXXI, you can quickly and flexibly find care professionals for your facility in case of emergency or when needed.

At the same time, FLEXXI offers care professionals additional work opportunities, as care professionals can accept assignments with flexible working hours.

FLEXXI is your valuable partner in respite care provision

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