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Find care for yourself and your family


Trust the independent care professionals and medical nurses selected by FLEXXI Care, whose yearlong experience you can use at short notice – even today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow – to care for your loved ones. All without any contractual commitments and waiting lists.

Without professional help, it is challenging to meet all obligations. Sometimes you need a break. It's good to have someone reliable by your side. With FLEXXI, you access carefully selected, screened, and trusted care professionals hourly, whenever you need them.

This is care on your own terms. With FLEXXI Care.

Find the care you need
Choose one or more care services, or choose the type of care professional that best suits your personal needs.
Choose the date and time frame, flexibly
With flexible scheduling - you choose the date, time, and duration.
Choose the hourly price
We help you with a recommended price, and you can choose the price you like.
Choose the location
Select your location and enjoy booking home care with FLEXXI.

What we provide

Our care professionals can help you with any caregiving tasks:

Medical care support

  • Insulin injections
  • Other injections
  • Decubitus Ulcers treatment
  • Artificial exit
  • Get up, get dressed & go to bed

  • Help with getting up/ going to bed
  • Dress/undress
  • Help with support stockings
  • Put on/off prosthesis
  • Help with bedpan/ bed bottle
  • Companionship & Escort

  • Go for a walk/ visit friends
  • Accompany to the doctor/ authorities
  • Communication
  • Reading
  • Playing board games
  • Support medical wellbeing

  • Measure blood sugar
  • Measure blood pressure
  • Monitor medication intake
  • Provide psychological care
  • Change catheter
  • Personal hygiene & care

  • Brushing teeth/dentition
  • Combing, nail-care, shaving
  • Washing in bed
  • Help with showering or bathing
  • Help with going to the toilet
  • Creaming
  • Household help

  • Food preparation
  • Make bed
  • Laundry
  • Hang dry-cleaning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Help with household
  • FLEXXI Care Infographic

    Germany’s Looming Home Care Crisis

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    Insurance Partner
    We always check that our care professionals have liability insurance and recommend them to sign up with our insurance partner Allianz.

    What makes us different

    Easy to use
    Easy to use
    What, when, and where – that's all we need to know to find the right help for you. Just download the FLEXXI App, and you're ready to go.
    No paperwork or long-term commitments
    No paperwork or long-term commitments
    With FLEXXI, there's no more paperwork or scheduling required. Place an order as soon as you need a care service.
    Simple payment
    Simple payment
    Cash is not required. The payment is made immediately after the service via credit card.
    There are no fixed prices. You set the price you want to pay for the service yourself – we will support you.
    FLEXXI ensures that only screened, experienced and certified care professionals can accept your orders. Thus, professional care is assured for you and your loved ones.
    Through FLEXXI, you can even book care for today, and up to three weeks in advance. No more long waiting lists.

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