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With FLEXXI caregiving services are accessible and affordable
We are FLEXXI-bility

About us

FLEXXI has invented the ultimate solution for flexxi-ble, affordable and reliable caregiving services for anyone, anytime, anywhere. We make requesting caregiving services as easy as ordering a taxi, while helping nurses and caregivers to earn extra income.

Why was FLEXXI created?

Providing care for the people we love can be challenging and that’s why getting help has to be as easy as ordering a taxi. If you have never experienced a situation where you need to take care of someone in need, you might think that it’s not going to be difficult. But the reality is different. Regardless of how much we care about our beloved ones, caregiving can be exhausting.
When my father was diagnosed with cancer and his health rapidly deteriorated, my family and I committed our lives to taking care of him and spending as much time as possible with him. Still, there were situations: business trips, family emergencies, sleepless nights, when we would have really appreciated a helping hand. It became obvious that the caregiving services available could not easily adapt to our routine and help us when we could not be there for him. I was missing a solution that could help me, and people like me, to get through these difficult times. Even after his death, the thought of finding a way to make caregiving more accessible did not leave me.
This is why I committed my time to creating a product that can help people in a situation like mine to find qualified nurses and caregivers in a flexxi-ble, easy and affordable way. Today, together with my amazing team, we have innovated this idea into a platform called FLEXXI with double X. One X is for families in need of care, one X is for people providing care - standing side by side with FLEXXI.

FLEXXI is there to make sure, that while being there for those in need, we carry on with our lives, knowing our beloved ones are in safe hands. Now, finding a caregiving service is as easy as ordering a taxi.

"- Dr. Rudolf King, Founder and CEO"

Our mission

Our mission is to innovate caregiving services to be more accessible, affordable, and Flexxi-ble for anyone, anytime, anywhere. This way, we want to make everyday life easier for families with people in need of care and give people the option of looking after elderly family members at home.

Our vision

Our vision is to transform caregiving into a more flexxi-ble, affordable and reliable service for anyone, anytime, anywhere; while creating more job opportunities and extra income for caregivers and nurses.
Our values
We think care
We do innovation
We share quality
We are FLEXXI-bility
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