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After creating your account on the FLEXXI App, you need to select what type of service or care professional you need, the date & time, the hourly price and finally the location where the service is required. We recommend to add a job description to increase the chances of matching with the right care professional.
You can book a care professional by downloading the FLEXXI iOS or Android App. Once you downloaded the app you need to register your profile and then you can upload your care order. The order goes to the FLEXXI Team app and is presented to our pool of care professionals who will then accept your order.
Yes, you can book a care professional for one-time services via the FLEXXI App.
The maximum duration for a booking is 18 hours in one day, and a maximum of 7 days in the next 21 days.
Yes, each care professional has a unique QR code in their profile that you can use to book care services directly with the care professional.
Yes, you can cancel a booking on the FLEXXI App, but it is subject to our cancellation policy that may include fees for cancelation made within a certain time frame before the scheduled booking. Both you and the care professional can cancel the service within the first 15 minutes after order acceptance, without any fee. Please consult our cancellation policy under "Policy and guidelines" for more details.
If the care professional does not show up for a scheduled booking, please contact the FLEXXI Care support team immediately. They will assist you with finding a replacement, providing a refund or resolving the issue otherwise.
Yes, it is possible to book a care professional for overnight shifts through the FLEXXI App, since the maximum duration for an order is 18 hours and an overnight shift in a hospital usually lasts 7 hours from 11pm until 6 am. However, it could be that you need to raise the hourly rate for your order because overnight shifts are not very popular with care professionals.
Yes, you can make a booking on short notice. FLEXXI Care is here to provide short term-care, so you can book a care professional even for today. However, availability may vary depending on the location and time.
You can request a specific type of care professional on the FLEXXI App. When creating your order you can select the exact services and type of care professional you require so that we can match you with the best personnel according to your needs.
Yes, but only if they are in the same household. You need to add this information in the order description, so the care professional knows that more than one person require care. However, it is likely that a higher hourly price is expected by the care professional as a result.
The care professional and FLEXXI Care is responsible for providing IPE and basic care equipment, however it is the client responsibility to provide individual care equipment if it is required.
No, the same hourly rate applies for the prolonged orders. However, the booked care professional has to accept the extension.


The payment occurs via credit card, through the use of a secure third party payment processor (Stripe). FLEXXI Care does not save or have access to your full payment details.
The FLEXXI App handles the payment process for the booked services via Stripe, a secure third-party payment processor. FLEXXI Care does NOT save your credit card details. The payment is transferred to the care professional after the completion of the service.
The FLEXXI App provides clear and transparent pricing information and fees when booking a care professional. Customers can set their own price and FLEXXI Care provides a recommended price. Before posting the booking, customers see exactly how much the order will cost, with no hidden fees. FLEXXI Care takes a 4% commission for its service.
FLEXXI Care takes the security of customer data and payment information extremely seriously and uses industry-standard encryption and security protocols to ensure that all information is protected and kept confidential. More information regarding our data privacy and security can be found in our Privacy Policy.
Yes, but it depends on the classification of the patients health insurance, or their degree of care (Pflegegrad). We recommend to contact your health insurance to find out and send them invoice that we provide at the end of each booking.


FLEXXI Care has a thorough screening process to ensure that all care professionals are properly licensed and insured and have the qualifications and experience to provide high-quality care. This includes background checks, verification of credentials and insurance checks.
Yes the care professionals on the FLEXXI App are licensed and insured. In order to be fully registered, the care professionals need to provide their ID, proof of their professional certificate, their professional liability insurance and a current police certificate. Only once these documents are reviewed and accepted, is their profile activated.
Yes, after the completion of the booking, you will be able to rate and leave feedback on the service provided by the care professional. This helps us to maintain the quality of the service provided and also helps other customers find the right care professional.
Yes, when a care professional accepts your order, you get access to their profile, which includes their rating. You can cancel your order and re-upload it if you would like a different care professional. Find out more about our cancellation policy here under "Policies and Guidelines".
FLEXXI Care has professional standards and best practices in place for the care professionals on the platform and regularly monitors and audits their performance to ensure compliance.
FLEXXI Care provides the care professionals on our platform access to our exclusive insurance partner ALLIANZ, for professional liablility insurance, without which they are not admitted on our platform. In addition, the care professionals need to be part of the BGW (Berufsgenossenschaft für Gesundheitsdienst und Wohlfahrtspflege), which provides them with full comprehensive insurance.
FLEXXI Care has a complaint and dispute resolution process in place to handle any issues that may arise with the care provided by a care professional. Customers can contact the FLEXXI Care support team via the app in the Help Center, in the "Help" section, and then select which type of complaint they want to file. Alternatively, customers can contact the FLEXXI Care support team via the Contact section on the app or on the Website.
FLEXXI Care strives to provide high-quality care services and has measures in place to ensure that the care professionals on the platform are qualified and experienced. For example, once a care professional accepts your order, you can see the care professional's profile, including their rating, languages, specialties and bios. FLEXXI Care only lets qualified care professionals on the platform. However, in case of any issues, customers can contact the FLEXXI Care support team, who will assist in resolving them.

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