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Care professionals can earn money by taking orders thourgh the app and offering their medical and care services to customers. The payment is guaranteed and official.
Yes, as a self-employed nurse or caregiver you can use the FLEXXI Team App to offer your professional services and be matched with care seekers in your area who need your help. You choose which order to take, and decide where you want to work, what services to provide, for how long and for what price.
Yes, you need to have the proper credentials and certification to be able to provide care services on the FLEXXI Team App. This includes being a licensed and insured nurse or caregiver. As a nurse and caregiver, you will need to upload your ID or Passport, professional certificate, current police certificate and professional liability insurance. As a carehelper, you need your to upload the same documents, just your professional certificate will be different.
Yes, you can choose your own schedule and availablity on the FLEXXI Team App. You only accept the bookings that match your schedule. This allows you to have more control over your working hours and find work that fits your lifestyle.
Yes, you can work for multiple clients on the FLEXXI Team App and chosse the services you want to provide. We actually encourage you to do so in order to avoid any issues with pseudo-self-employment (Scheinselbstständigkeit).
FLEXXI Care takes the safety of nurses and care givers very seriously and has measures in place to ensure that clients are legitimate and trustworthy. If you feel uncomfortable with a client, you can cancel the order at any time and will be compensated accordingly. If abnormalities are reported by care professionals and nurses, the customer will be blocked.
No, the client does not pay for your transportation.
A client can see your average rating. However, comments are only visible only to the FLEXXI Care support team, and used for ensuring quality control.
Yes you can refuse a service if it does not match your preferences. Both you and the customer can cancel the service within the first 15 minutes after order acceptance, without any fee.
Yes, meeting the client before the service will have the same price per hour as the normal service, however we recommend to use the chat function that becomes available once you accept a booking, to meet the client and exchange questions before the service begins.
Yes, you can register, even when trained by a non-certifiying entity. Just upload a "Arbeitsgebergescheinigung" document in the "other documents" section when registering your profile. Without this document your profile cannot be approved.
Not yet. We are working to make the FLEXXI Team app available to people with nursing assistant experience as soon as possible, but currently nursing assistants cannot register yet.
You will have to pay tax on your earnings made from the FLEXXI Team App. However, the extent depends on multiple factors, such as whether you are employed or exclusively self-employed, what marriage status you have and what tax bracket you are in. We cannot say exactly how much in taxes you have to pay, but we estimate that if you also have permanent employment at a company or hospital, you will be able to keep around 80% of your self-employed income. If you want to calculate your exact tax burden, we recommend you use a website specialised for this purpose or consult a payroll tax association (Lohnsteuerverein).
No, the review and approval process of your documents on the Team FLEXXI App is free of charge.
The FLEXXI Team app is free to use. You can sign up and register for free. FLEXXI Care takes a commission from the client only after an order is completed.
You need four documents to register with the FLEXXI Team App: Your ID or passport, a police certificate not older than 6 months, your professional certificate and proof of a professional liability insurance.
No, the same hourly rate applies for the prolonged orders. However, the extension can only occur with your permission. The client is not able to just extend the service hours without your agreement.


Yes, you do need to be self-employed in order to use the FLEXXI Team App.
Yes, it is possible to be both self-employed and employed while working as a nurse or caregiver. Only care and nurse managers are usually prohibited from working self-employed on the side, due to their contract. If you are not sure, we can consult you free of charge via telephone, WhatsApp or in our office in Munich.
Becoming self-employed in Germany, can be confusing, but it actually takes only entails 7 steps. Read our free eGuide on how to become a self-employed nurse or caregiver here for detailed information.
We estimate that it costs around 340€ to become self-employed. For in-depth information regarding the costs of becoming self-employed, read our free eGuide here.
Yes, you have to declare your income generated through FLEXXI with the Finanzamt as a self-employed nurse or caregiver. Submitting the tax declaration is your responsibility but we are happy to help you with it. At the end of the calendar year, you receive an overview of the income generated through the FLEXXI Team App, which you can forward to your tax consultant or directly to the tax authorities. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, the FLEXXI support team is happy to help you.

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